Resource Root (easy image management)
Creating an editor extension,? Want easy access to your image files in your dll so that you don't clutter your project folder with images? Store Them in the Root. SCRIPTING EXAMPLE AND INFO
Resource Root is a library which gives you access to methods of storing and accessing image resources which exist in a target dlls (libraries) as a resource and using images resources directly from target libraries in your unity Editor.
The Root Manager editor window Gives you access the the data stored in the root and in your project, from in the Root Manager you can move image assets to your Root from your unity project and freely delete data from the Root.
This allows for:
- Clutter Reduction
- Easy access of image resources in your library resources.
-Easy storage of image resources
We auto-generate a Root Asset in your Asset Folder which will store your image assets.
If you accidentally delete the root asset or the folder. No problem. Simply reload the ResourceRoot.dll to auto-generate the resource root. Or the root will be automatically rebuilt once you launch Unity. The asset is free to use and can be found on our AssetStore publisher page.