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Published a month ago
Top 5 Things to avoid while writing a Resignation Letter
At the time of resigning from your job, it is very important to maintain proper resignation etiquette. Actually, the way you leave your job can have an impact on your future employment. Thus it is very important to keep a positive, healthy and professional relationship with your former employer, colleague and Boss. When your relationship will be better you will get a more positive reference and help from your network. So, in the best letter template, you will always observe that the resignation letter is always written in a positive note.
The following are five important things that you have to avoid while writing a resignation letter:
• Never give any rude comment against the supervisor or the company:
It is mostly seen that people leave the job when they are not being able to deal with their supervisors. But even if you hate your supervisor or even if he is a crappy human being there is no need to use rude language against him or the company in the resignation letter. You should never end your job in a bad note with your supervisor, as you may need them for your future potential jobs. Nowadays almost all companies ask for previous employer’s information when you apply for a job so that they can contact them and take the review of your behavior. So, if you give any rude comment while leaving your supervisor you will give them a chance to outburst on how bad an employee you were.
• Never use improper language:
You should never use improper language while writing a resignation letter. You have to maintain your professionalism. You may have developed a casual friendship with your boss but while leaving you must understand the difference in how to act in a working relationship. So, instead of writing “Hey, I got a new job and so I will put in 1-month notice. I will be out from 1st June 2019” you should write in the following manner:
“Dear Shelly,
Please accept this letter as a notice of my resignation from my post as a marketing executive. My last working day will be on 30th May 2020”.
• Never use a negative tone of voice:
When you leave your job it is important to leave as a person with good vibes. Make sure that while you write the resignation letter you never use any negative tone of voice. You should not use any bitter or negative word in your resignation letter. For example, the use of words like ‘unfortunately’, ‘perhaps’, etc. may put a bad impression on you. You should always give a simple explanation about why you are leaving the job. Apart from that, you should always end your resignation letter with an appropriate closing term such as ‘Regards’, ‘Best Wishes’, ‘Sincerely’, etc.
• Avoid Grammatical errors:
After writing the resignation letter it is very important to proofread it again and again so that if you have done any mistake it can be detected and corrected. It is required to make sure that you have not done any grammatical mistake or punctuation mistake or spelling mistake. Avoiding silly mistakes will certainly help you to save a lot of embarrassments.
• Never mention your new job’s salary:
While writing the resignation letter you make sure that you have not mentioned the salary of your new job. It may happen that you feel proud about your new financial achievement but it does not mean that you have to show it to everyone by mentioning it in the resignation letter. If you disclose your salary hike it may happen that your colleagues may feel insecure in their present job and they may also try to change their job. So, if you mention your new salary it may hurt your present employer and you may end up in leaving the company on a bad note.
Thus, before you submit your letter it is very essential to check that you have not done any of the above-mentioned mistakes. Remember that you should not end up the relationship with your employer and supervisor in a bad note as you may need them in the future for any reason.
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