Reserve Life
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Mac; Windows; Android; iOS; Windows Phone; Unity Web Player; WebGL
Reserve Life is a cross-platform decision making game with epic consequences. Designed for the Army Reserve Medical Command (AR-MEDCOM,) players are be able to jump right into relevant scenarios and play as an Army Reservist to discover what living life like a Reservist really means. Your character is thrown into the world of Reservia, where every choice is important. Balance relationships, control your emotions and make real-world decisions that can impact your character and either build their quality of life, or destroy it.
To make a product that could help US Army Reserve Soldiers face multiple challenges as they balance demands of family, the workplace, and military responsibilities. The end result needed to be a prototype product that was accessible on any device and could be expanded to a large scale effort.
We knew that before brainstorming design, we needed to understand our audience. We studied numerous amounts of data to find exactly who this product needed to be for. During this analysis, we found that males, 17-26 had the highest probability of having issues while in the Army Reserves and it was decided that this would be the prototype’s target demographic with an expansion to other demographics with further funding.
After researching numerous amounts of therapy models and analyzing exactly how we were going to go about with the instruction in the product we were linked up with Dr. Marsha Linehan. Dr. Linehan started the Dialectical Behavior Therapy model and recently has had successful application of this model for helping the general populace.
Once all scenarios were written we had 36 scenarios that users could experience depending on decisions made and how the user played the game. Each decision point was linked to learning objectives and every scenario was visually mind mapped so we could track decision paths and edit accordingly.
We developed 2D characters that we could animate in 3D space. We built an animation system so characters could have custom expressions. A total of 27,000 different combinations actually. It was all really cool and we did it all within six months. The test successfully published on iTunes for iOS devices, Google Play for Android, Windows PC’s, Mac’s, and available on all browsers with an internet connection.
Ryan O'Donnell
Creative Director - Manager
Duncan Iaria
Developer/Designer - Programmer
Eric Monachello
Artist - Artist
Game Languages
Supported Platforms
Mac; Windows; Android; iOS; Windows Phone; Unity Web Player; WebGL