Rescue OPS
2D shooting zombie platformer for mobile
Overview This project was based on the user experience. He can change multiple features. In this project I used the following: ✔ 2D Physics, Trigger and sprite based animations ✔ Coroutines ✔ Character Selection ✔ Upgrades System Player's choice The player has a lot of options in this particular project. He can select his desired character, upgrades his weapons in various ways and set the difficulty of the Level, affecting multiple paramters like enemy's health, speed, attack and the duration he has to survive. He can scale this depending on his weapon upgrades on experience. Particle Systems and Explosions The Particle Systems from Unity was very helpful for generating the blood effect of the zombies. There are multiple explosions based on the object hit (ground or zombie), both with different sounds. The explosion has and AOE effect and hits all zombies in a small area. Reward system Throughout the game the player's progress is tracked and the player recives money based on his achivement and the difficulty set. He also gets bonus money if the reaches milestones such as kills and time left.
Oprea Alexandru
Unity programmer c# - Programmer