Remember the vacations
Published 3 years ago

First Memory: The lake

When I was little, together with my aunt and my cousins, we traveled to camp in a lake in the state of Jalisco, Mexico.
This model is a small planet with textures inspired by 2D drawings. The base of geometry is a small sphere with sculpted water and a texture drawing in Photoshop.
The threes are a planes with texture and the mountain is same of the planet.

The threes are a simple planes withs texture made in photoshop :
  • The three trees are a planes with texture and the mountain is same technique as the planet and the tent .
And I finally load the model in Unity and add HDRi illumination and a little system of particles of fire.

Second Memory: The park

My second memory is the park. In the park I played everyday in the sunset with my friend of the street. The model is most simple, I modeling my 5 favorite games.
I unfold all the uv´s of the models for a better texturing.
The final result after texture:

Third Memory: A big Build

In a corner of my memory I remember a large building. For a boy like me, back then it was a big building, I remember thinking it was the biggest building in the world.
I do not remember the construction, for this model I looked for images of different constructions of the world, and finally I used as reference the Central Cemetery of Vienna:
I modified the design of the construction a bit, the model took 2 or 3 weeks to complete:
The most difficult for this model was unfold the uv´s, because the topology is most bigger.
And finally, after texturing:
Imported to Unity with HDRi illumination:
If you want to see the models, visit my profile in sketchfab :D