REM: Capsule Colliders
Published 2 years ago
In development
REM: Capsule Colliders is a 2.5D platformer where you play as a capsule shaped object named Capsence. As her, you travel to different magical
places fighting enemies of different shapes and sizes while rescuing your friends in the process.
The harmonious shapes of Shape City are suddenly attacked by a band of discolored and disfigured shapes called the Korruptids, led by the evil Emperor Clyde Dez Kope, ruler of the Korruptids. By using Clyde’s Dark Prism Powers, he has turned the citizens of Shape City into misshapen, oddly colored and glitched shapes. They follow Clyde as his entourage of evil as they travel through different areas corrupting solid colored shapes to enlist in his army, in hopes of turning all the world's shapes into his corrupted image.

In REM Capsule Colliders, you play a capsule shaped object named Capsence. Her goal is to rescue her friends from being captured from the antagonist Clyde Dez Kope. Your task is to travel to different areas of Shape City, defeat the members of the Korruptids and save your friends from Clyde Dez Kope and the Shapes of Evil.
Mario Darnell Love
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