Tired of copy-pasting the same components between game objects? Wish you could organize the same groups of components together?
A "refab" is a reusable collection of components (saved as a prefab) that can be applied to any game object. Define complex behaviours as a set of one or more components and use it as a template on game objects.
The missing feature for all Unity developers!

Key features

  • - Refab Loader component adds a Refab to any game object
  • - Extraction wizard tool helps find and create Refabs in existing projects
  • - Convenient. Fast. Easy to get started
  • - Low risk. Easy to remove if needed without disrupting your project

How it works:

Add one or more components to an empty game object and save it as a prefab. We call this a "refab". Then dynamically apply it to any object using our Refab Loader component. Refabs can include built-in Unity components, 3rd party toolkit SDK, and your own MonoBehaviour scripts.
When a Refab Loader is added to a GameObject, the components defined on the Refab are dynamically added to that object in the Unity editor, before you press Play or begin to Build the project. No runtime overhead.
Order of precedence: Components on the game object are not overwritten by ones in the Refab. When an object already has a component, it supersedes same component values in the Prefab template.
Krystian Babilinski
Unity Developer - Programmer