RedMatrix Graphics Engine
RedMatrix is a 2D/3D graphics engine that I created in C++ using OpenGL in 2014. This engine was for my personal learning only and was never intended to be released. As this was a learning experience I even coded the 3D maths library for this myself from scratch instead of using GLM. Features included: - Forward Rendering (diffuse, normal, specular) - Realtime Shadows - Hardware Instancing - Asset Loading (Models, Textures, Materials etc.) - 3D Mathematics (Vectors, Matrices and Quaternions, Camera) - Render to Texture - 2D rendering - 2D animation - world management (multiple windows, multiple worlds) - Input system - Sound System This experience has allowed me to gain an appreciation and understanding of how game engines and shaders work in the backend and my knowledge in 3D mathematics.
Kenneth Claassen
Self Employed - Programmer