Red Light Runners
The Mayor has set all intersection lights to Red and now everyone is running Red Lights! Get as far as you can safely without being a victim of their reckless driving!
● Simple One Touch arcade Controls
● Epic traffic crashes and pile ups!
● 40+ vehicles to earn and unlock Cars,Trucks, Vans and even UFO's with more being added all the time!
● A handful of unlockable modifications for your vehicles like custom exhaust, hood scoops and spoilers!
● Endless (infinite) traffic dodging score chasing game play
● 3D graphics with vehicle crash and bash physics!
● Unique sounds animations and/or particle effects for most vehicles!
● Google Play Achievements
● Google Play Leaderboards
● Optimized for a wide variety of phones and tablets
● Battery Saver mode or run at 60 FPS
● In-App purchases allows you to buy must have vehicles right away!