Realms Of Arkania 1 - Blade Of Destiny Classic
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Realms Of Arkania 1 - Blade Of Destiny Classic

About This GameBlade of Destiny (1992) is the first part of the glorious Realms of Arkania Trilogy...An Orc army stands ready to attack Arkania's villages and towns. The only hope of saving the land lies in the legendary Blade of Destiny. Can you find this magical weapon in time to stop the siege? A rich and detailed adventure that will engage your mind and challenge your imaginations.The Realms of Arkania TrilogyThe Realms of Arkania games (Blade of Destiny, Star Trail and Shadows of Riva) deliver a prime example of the classical European fantasy universe. Based on Germany's most popular pen & paper role playing game, it was also the first German computer RPG series to get widely recognized outside of its home country. To this day it holds a stable hardcore fanbase that loves the games for their comprehensive adaption of the pen & paper ruleset and the believable medieval fantasy setting. d859598525 Title: Realms of Arkania 1 - Blade of Destiny ClassicGenre: RPGDeveloper:attic Entertainment Software GmbHPublisher:United Independent Entertainment GmbHRelease Date: 10 Jan, 2014 Realms Of Arkania 1 - Blade Of Destiny Classic If you wanna spend $4 just to see how poorly the RPG world was back in the early 90s, then this is the game for you. It maps poorly, the interface is all over the place, and the melee combat and spell options are absolutely unusable. One small example, is you can only fire, attack or cast spells in vertical or horizontal directions; no diagonal options.I found it frustrating and a waste of good money, but you may see things differently and it'll only cost you $4 to find out :-). When you wanna think of games that haven't aged well, think of this.. if you push any buttons it repeats the intro, takes forever having to rewatch it over and over. Realms of Arkania (RoE)The series is an interesting oldie, not saying it isn't good, just that it is interesting.More for the older RPG gamers, and those that enjoy the older style CRPG's.Worthy for the collection.- Universal Gamer***I should elaborate on my review.A must with this game is a copy of the Game Handbook/Manual, as it will explain and clarify a vast amount of information with the game and gameplay.Also with this game is the combat, you need to spend quite a bit of time with it before it not only makes sense but you understand how it flows (It may a seem confusing on the entry level)- Universal Gamer***. Awesome classic game! Still loving it just as much as I used to do it many years ago.. This game dates back to 1992, and boy, does it show! The graphics are basic, but they are without doubt not the worst feature of the game. It's the user interface that is too poor for words. Back in the days before Windows, there was no general consensus in how interfaces should behave with regards to mouse clicks. I find myself regularly stabbing at keys in order to try and figure out how to do something, and the music is just an irritation. It's not that I am basing this opinion by comparing this kind of legacy game to newer ones. Instead it is just that the game lacks intuitiveness. When I play a game, I at least want some kind of tutorial in order to know how to do the basics. Realms of Arkania has none of this.Unless you were a fan of the original, I would stay clear of this. It doesn't come close to games like Eye of the Beholder. There are better options out there. Perhaps the later versions will sort out a lot of the controls, but the first release is just weak.. I see Blade of Destiny as a preview to the main adventure -second part of the trilogy Star Trail where lots of secrets and suprizes awaits you.Blade of Destiny just shows you some game mechanics , plus you can train and test your heroes in oder to import them to the next part of the trilogy.Still it is a fun game to start on your introduction in the Arkania world.A bit late , but i reccomend to edit - dosboxrealms1.conf - this file can be found in the game directory, few lines have to be changed: scaler=advmame2x ; cycles=18000 . scaler makes picture a bit softer and 18000 cycles looks like the optimal speed.. Realms of Arkadia series does a great job turning a pen and paper Rpg into a video game. If you're into P&P RPG this game and series is a must have. If you want HD graghics and intense 3D battles with fast and furious leveling and rewards this is not for you. What you do get is a challenging game with a high sense of accomplishment.Other games of the time did not go into the game management required by the Realms of Arkadia. Just covering the basic needs of food and water can be difficult if you don't select the right characters and skills. You must then place points into your skills when leveling or allow the computer to do it for you but not always getting logical reulults. With improperly placed skill points some skills will never be successful.Not to mention casting spells. Of the 5 different magic using types each have their own strengths and weaknesses in spell casting. If you don't plan ahead some spells will remain unavailable or extremely difficult to cast, depending on spell strength, and Attribute score. which is also new to video games as most if not all games before simply required you to have enough spell points to successfully cast. In other words, challenges that other games did not have and alot still don't.Being able to replay a game is a major bonus as you can try different characters to receive different starting skills and spells. You can then place points differently and at the end of the game have completely different characters. Another bonus is being able to use these characters throughout the entire series of games.Even if you don't like the video game you can print out the manual and sit down with friends and have a great time rolling dice and complaining how the game master hates you. Even if you do like the game it's always fun complaining how the GM hates you.. Love all Realms of Arkadia series. This is Sparta! ;). When you wanna think of games that haven't aged well, think of this.
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