Reality vs Ambitions
Published 6 months ago
As a kid i always constructed things, destroyed good toys to create new things. When i come acros c plus plus i was blown away by possibilities so i started to learn and try to make my own game. The idea of my game was wery simply and naive, i wanted to create a world in with players could play together random games.. to think of it today it was something like Free Realms.. anyway i wantd to make a real size planet so that there would be enough place for games and such and i wanted realistic physics and visuals. Well it was easy to create a ball with gravity and run around, how ever i wanted to have real Sun rotating around so i started to learn astonomy and seen i released that my ambition got me off track, i wasnt programming anymore i was trying to become an astronome.
After a while i started to try to come up with a small yet fun project and every year i was trying to make such however every time there were obstracles in my way how ever somehow Unity3d developers were removing those obstracles every time and finaly today i can say that i can now say with confidence that making a game with my ressources is now posible.
So i went looking around for a gameplay that would be fun and simple enough that even i could do it bymyself. What comes to mind are racing, mobas and sport games, but simpliest of all seems to be racing so i chose that and to make it interesting i decided to make racing in space with real physics. However i wanted to show people some cool experience so i wanted to race start from Earth and go around the Moon and i wanted it to be realy realistic and fun. After some work i noticed that i have created a prototype that basicaly is a world with a size of Sun System and ability to synhronise impresive amount of people with a precision of 0.02 meters and now i am able to create a Eve Online like game but with much better. Ofc engine is just half or the story and without content its not a game. I could scrap some content for a racing game but seems like im driving a sportcar with a walkin speed, yet i cant find enough content for any beter gameplay. Feels like i have not learned much from my own experience but maybe you will :)

Special - Producer