Realistic Water Physics 3
With the Realistic Water Physics 3 asset you can get your game objects floating in water within seconds. Everything is done through an easy to use interface that will help you if anything goes wrong.
It supports multiple well known water systems including:
Ceto: Ocean System (is no longer available in the store, but still supported!) Aquas Water Lite Aquas Water River Set PlayWay Water System (is no longer available in the store, but still supported!) UWS Ultimate Water System Dynamic Water System Realistic Water Suimono Water System Habrador (built in)
Allowing you to have your game objects use realistic materials within your favourite water system. Best of all, all the supported assets are plug and play!
The system works by calculating the density of object by material type.
Based on the selected material, volume and mesh of the object, the system will calculate its mass and density for you Allowing you to setup your game objects by only selecting what material you think the object is made of. Press the Create button and your done!
We have included a total of 93 real materials, called the default materials but using the interface you can create your own custom ones within seconds.
- Low performance impact. - No extra Layer or Tags required. - Easy to use interface. - 93 Default materials to use. - Custom materials creation through the interface. - Lots of feedback through the interface. - No need to drag and drop with scripts. - Plug and play support build in. - Works with any type of mesh & collider. - Use joints to link objects together. - Use child/parent setup to link objects together. - Advanced option. - Extra example scripts. - Lots of info in the scripts if you want to peak inside. - Global water level. - Local water areas.
Perry Mathew Engelbracht
Developer - Programmer