Realistic Plastic & Metal Substance Kit
RELEASED! - Realistic Plastic Substance material for Unity 3D #SubstanceDesigner #Unity3D #unityassetstore
An extremely realistic and customizable substance for Plastic, Metal, and Pearl materials.
- 4K Resolution (2K Supported by Unity 5)
- Customizable Surface Color
- Customizable Metal map intensity
- Customizable Transparency
- Customizable Glossiness map intensity
- Customizable wet or dry surface
- Customizable inwards/outwards scratches

List of Sample Materials produced with the Substance:
- Black Pure Pearl
- Custom Scratched White Plastic
- Hard-Scratched Blue Plastic Inwards
- Hard-Scratched Green Plastic Outwards
- Medium-Scratched Azure Green Plastic Inwards
- Medium-Scratched Blue Plastic Outwards
- Medium-Scratched Light Violet Plastic Outwards
- Medium-Scratched Orange Plastic Outwards
- Medium-Scratched Red Plastic Inwards
- Metallic Azure Wet
- Metallic Blue
- Metallic Blue Wet
- Metallic Gray
- Metallic Gray Custom Scratched
- Metallic Gray Hard Scratched
- Metallic Gray Medium Scratched
- Metallic Gray Soft Scratched
- Metallic Gray Wet
- Metallic Light Green Wet
- Rough Blue Plastic
- Rough Blue Plastic Wet
- Rough Light Green Plastic Wet
- Scratched Black Wet
- Simple Blue Plastic
- Simple Green Plastic
- Simple Red Plastic
- Soft-Scratched Blue Plastic
- Soft-Scratched Blue Plastic Wet
- Wet Black Plastic
- Wet Blue Blue
- Wet Green Plastic
- Wet Red Plastic
- White Pure Pearl
Don't forget to read the README, which contains important information on the project player setup and an easy how-to-use guide for the substance!
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Alessio Regalbuto
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