Real Footsteps
Real Footsteps is the premium library of high-quality footstep samples on the Unity Asset Store.
The package contains 261 individual footstep samples recorded in a variety of different settings including:
- Carpet
- Cement
- Creaky Wood Floor
- Dress Shoes
- Forest
- Glass
- High Heels
- Leaves
- Metal
- Mud
- Puddles
- Sand and Gravel
- Shallow Water
- Sneakers
- Snow
Each stereo sample has been meticulously recorded using 24 bit audio at 96kHz sample rate. Samples have been processed using digital compressors, EQ, and limiters to ensure that every sound is detailed and clear. Samples have short fade-ins and longer fade-outs to ensure that there is no popping or clicking present. Lastly, all files have been normalized to -1dB to ensure that all files are easy to work with in your game.
The game-ready audio files have been converted to 16 bit audio at 44.1kHz sample rate so that their memory footprint is acceptable for even the most lightweight mobile games.
Derek Miller
Sound Designer - Other