Ready 2 Roll
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High Speed, Destructive Rolling fun!
NEW to "Ready 2 Roll" v1.1.0:
Increased power of the player/ball
Decreased "weight" of in game objects (boxes,barrels, and so forth)
New / Redesigned User Interface / Updated menus
Updated virtual thumb stick controls
10 new box object styles (vary by level)
45 New Gear items
Performance improvements
Minor graphical improvements
Added checkpoints to all single player levels (with the exception of bonus levels as they are not needed)
Added Google Play Games Achievements (32 so far)
Added Google Play Games Leaderboards
Added a new In-Game currency(parts)
New loading screen design
New/Redesigned start screen
Added Ad settings controls/options(for GDPR compliance)

Choose Your Ball, and Cause some Chaos!
Slam, Crash, and Blast in to Thousands of objects to earn Coins, Stars, and Parts.
Use your Coins, and Parts in the Shops to Grab New Enhancements, and Upgrades for your Ball.
Complete levels, in two different modes of Gameplay (Normal Play & Time Trial), to earn Trophies, and Unlock cool New Ad Ons.
Go Head to Head, and Compete in Turn Based Online Multiplayer matches.
Test your skills, and maybe your sanity on hundreds of challenging jumps, gaps, and obstacles.
Have a Bang, and Blast objects everywhere by slamming in to powerful TnT boxes.

Main Features:
* Fast paced, challenging gameplay
* No In App Purchases
* 95 unique single player levels
* 40 multiplayer levels
* 5 bonus levels, with 12 variations (Featuring "ZomBall, TnT Time, MazeBall, and More")
* 7 unique Zones to play in, Featuring "Scorch, Alpine, Solar, Offshore, Dunes, Hillside, and Holiday"
* Fun, hours, and hours of Thumb Numbing fun :)
Cory Weaver
Programmer, Artist, Designer - Owner
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