Ready 2 Roll
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Jump, Smash, Crash, Blast, Bounce, Explode, and Roll, Roll, Roll!
Update 2/27/2018 : Ready 2 Roll is being revamped. I've been hard at work completely redesigning the UI / Menu system. When the UI is finished, I'll be moving on to gameplay. Things such as gear, skins, tails, and so on will not change much, and will still be generally the same, other than the way they are acquired. A new gameplay mode (adventure) will be introduced, and will include enemies, boss battles, a story line, and a new, different "style" of play so to speak. I will also be adding achievements, and (possibly) leader boards. I've also been tossing around the idea of adding daily public events, with daily goals, rewards, and so on. Last but not least, multiplayer will be changing a bit. We'll still have a head to head mode (which will be changed, and simplified), but I am thinking of adding simultaneous play, so you can play with 2, to 4 of your friends in the same game to complete special levels/missions and such. But that is in a very early, pre-alpha stage at best currently.
Thats it for now. Sorry for the long rambling paragraph above :P I'll post some pics, and such within the next few weeks. Take care all.
Are You Ready.....
To speed through tons of fast paced, Exciting, Destructive, Trials style courses?

In Ready 2 Roll you'll do just that.
Slam, crash, and blast in to Thousands of Crates, Barrels, and Glass to earn stars, and unlock unique New Bonus levels.
Complete levels, in two different modes of Gameplay (Normal Play & Time Trials), to earn trophies, and Unlock cool New Ad Ons.
Race against the clock to earn in game Coins. Then head to one of the shops, and grab yourself some New upgrades, such as Abilities, Skins, and Tails.
Go Head to Head, and Compete in Turn Based Online Multiplayer matches on over 30 exciting levels.
Test your skills, and maybe your sanity on hundreds of challenging jumps, gaps, and obstacles.
Have a Bang, and Blast objects everywhere by slamming in to powerful TnT boxes.

Main Features:
* Fast paced, challenging gameplay
* High quality graphics (With user control over level of quality, and aspect ratio)
* 4 Camera angles, and 2 different Controller layouts (Swipe, or Stick)
* Bluetooth Controller / Gamepad Support - Tested w/Moga Power A(in mode b, and Matricom G-Pad BX
* NO In App Purchases
* 95 unique single player levels
* 40 multiplayer levels
* 5 bonus levels, with 12 variations (Featuring "ZomBall, TnT Time, MazeBall, and More")
* Over 50 exciting unlockable, and purchasable Ad Ons
* 7 unique Zones to play in, Featuring "Scorch, Alpine, Solar, Offshore, Dunes, Hillside, and Holiday"
* Fun, hours, and hours of Thumb Numbing Fun!
A bit About Ready 2 Roll:
R2R started as a test project. It was, in the beginning, just supposed to be a way for me to get the hang of Unity, and sharpen my newly learned skills with C# . The initial idea for the game came from a lecture, which was part of a course I had taken on Udemy, where you roll a ball around on a platform, and such. I had such a fun time rolling around, and knocking stuff around, that I figured it would be a fun place to start for a test/learning project. While making the test project, again, I was having a lot of fun, and decided to take it a step further, and attempt to turn it in to a full fledged game. Honestly, it took months to create this game, and there were a lot frustrations along the way, but the fun never died. R2R is still, in a sense, a work in progress, as there are many things I would love to do to make it even more fun. For those of you who have given it a try, and those of you that end up giving it a try, I thank you, sincerely. I would love to hear any feedback, or suggestions you may have on ways to improve it. With that said, I truly hope you enjoy playing it.

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