Readme is a rich-text editing tool for adding documentation and notes directly to Unity GameObjects. It expands on Unity's built in rich-text with a shortcut toolbar in-line object fields and more!
FEATURES ✅ Rich text tag support ✅ Shortcut toolbar ✅ Inline object fields ✅ Source view editor ✅ Redistributable version available
SUPPORTED TAGS ● B - bold ● I - itallics ● COLOR - font color ● SIZE - font size ● O - object reference
USEFUL LINKS Asset Store: Download on the Unity Asset Store. Tiny PHX: Join our community and see what else we're working on. Unity Forum: Follow the conversation step by step along with us.
REDISTRIBUTE If you would like to use Readme to document a package you distribute you can contact us for the Redistributable version of Readme. Please email
COMMUNITY Join in on the conversation about new features and known issues on the forum. Have an idea for making Readme even better? Drop us a line in the community forum!
Readme is developed and published by Tiny PHX.