Read It, Speak It, Know It
Welcome to the Readable English dictionary - the only dictionary with a pronunciation guide built right into each word! This app works offline so no internet connection is needed when searching words.
Worked on this project while working as Software Engineer at Binex Solutions (Pvt.) Ltd.
  • Worked in a small team to develop the application using Native Development Tools i.e XCode for iOS, Eclipse for Android.
  • Worked along side an offshore team which was working on the web site and web-service side of the main project.
  • At first developed the app using Objective-C (swift was not released yet). Later re-developed and re-designed the app using Swift. (Did not worked on Android version)
  • Sole UI programmer for complete iOS version of the application
  • Integrated core data with SqLite database.
  • Integrated SOAP web-service developed by the another team working offshore in Australia.
  • Released build to the Apple Store and Google Play Store.
Anas Iqbal
Software Engineer (Gameplay Programmer) - Programmer