Rainy City
Published 3 years ago
Rainy City
I'm Luke! This seemed like too much fun to pass up, so here I am! This wasn't for any larger project, just some weekend practice that fit well with the theme of the challenge.
This was practice in creating a good composition using as few unique elements as possible. I started with a basic line drawing to get an idea of tone.
Next, I started modeling some basic assets. I started with a character, a single building, a brick texture, an asphalt texture, and a couple basic plants. I made a simple triplanar shader so I could skip UVs on the environment assets.
To better establish tone, I made a quick rain effect out of 3 different particle systems - the rain itself, an impact effect for raised objects like the umbrella, and an impact effect for the ground.
Next, I created some neon signs, a case of apples, and some additional building styles.
After the majority of the modeling was complete I focused on making an interesting layout out of the available buildings, added in a couple lamps, and churned out some quick skyscraper models to balance the center of the composition.
I have a tendency to overdo it on colour and make things too vibrant, so I pulled up the blues and generally balanced the contrast and saturation in colour correction.
Now that the aesthetics were nailed down, I made some basic animations and a character movement script for the character so I could explore the scene a bit.
That's it! Hope you like it.
I used the Post Processing Stack plugin.
Luke Patterson