rain+neon=best thing ever
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well, this is my submission for this callenge
i think as a high school student this challenge really helped me to get better at game design and especially animations(i always was terrible at animations but this helped me a lot to learn it). here's the video:

The concept came in my mind when I thought about what if I add present environment to the futuristic world(in my case city) I made.
Assets I used:
• Space Shuttle (
• ATM ( (for some reason this one slowed down my computer so much so i had to disable it the whole time until the recording)
• Futuristic Robot MK-01 (
• Destructor Spaceship (
• Set Builder: Hong Kong(
• Post Processing Stack(
• TextMesh Pro(
• GAZ Street Props(
• Recorder( (thanks to unity for putting it in the recommendations)
So, what I did first was to create a terrain and add the textures and bumps to it and since I knew I was going to add rain to it, I changed their materials' metallic and shininess:
I then started adding the buildings and other objects like lights and everything:
And I thought it's now time for the neons, so instead of just deleting the directional light I had and doing the whole skybox thing, I just changed the rotation of the directional light to (-90, 0, 0) and started adding the neons:
So, at this point I thought it's time to add other lights and just finish the lighting and here's the results after I did them(not much actually changed but it's always nice to have little details):
So, at this point I thought I'm ready for making the rain and adding the camera(I made the rain the child of camera because then I don't have to make a huge rain particle system instead it just follows the camera which resulted in better performance for me). what I did for rain was to add sparkle particles(I know sparkle and rain are two different things :p) and made it look like rain as much as I could:

Then I added the "nighttime water" from unity's standard assets and filled the bumps I made on the road:
So, at this point I had to face my nightmare, Animations! (I never did that much animations before), so I decided to put an all nighter to just work on animations and thanks to the timeline editor it was a lot faster and easier to do(it seriously made me feel more confident doing the animations)
And I guess this was time for the magical post processing effects, so here's the before and after images:

At this point i thought there's something missing here so I added a huge moon up there and started the recording which took a lot of time because I thought recording 4k with 60 fps was a good idea :v but I'm happy with the results.

Saeed Rezvan
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