Rails And Metal
Indie physics based train game
Become a Railroad tycoon with Rails and Metal, the fun train game that delivers. This game is off the tracks fun! Load them up and get rolling as you start delivering valuable freight in your sweet new trains! Deliver the goods and get the GOLD! With awesome physics, a ton of cool features, and unlockable content this game is a favorite for players around the world. To play you simply deliver the freight on time with your train, get your game rewards in gold, and then use your rewards to haul increasing amounts of cargo to many stations from the desert to the countryside. All aboard! Rails and Metal is a fantastic game for players of most ages. Rails and Metal Features: • Fun goal and reward game • 30 Specialized train cars to haul • Great family appropriate game for all ages • Perfect train physics for realistic locomotive action • Get random orders and pick up the crystals along the way • Six different train engines with their own train bells and train whistles Play Rails and Metal today and start collecting the gold that will make you a Rail Road Tycoon!
Programmer, 2D/Concept Artist - Programmer