Radio Archipelago
Updated 2 years ago
Linux; Mac; Windows
Game made for Global Game Jam 2018
Imagine a nice and warm mid-summer evening. It's your first week on vacation and you float in a little, but nice enough sailing boat somewhere on the Archipelago Sea. It's a relaxing no-stress environment. Just you and the seagulls. No mobile phone network, no work emails, no trolls on 4chan. What a wonderful life indeed! Suddenly your peace of mind is shattered by a quick little thought from somewhere deep in your brain. What would the weather be tomorrow? How could you have forgot to check? With no mobile network, you are in trouble now. You almost could hear those waves growing bigger and clouds gathering in the horizon. But as sunday-born, you are not completely out of luck. You find an old radio in the cabin and with just a little tuning you should be able to hear that sea weather station. But beware, the weather station might not be the only one trasmitting..
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Henri Kähkönen
Independent Game Developer - Owner
Supported Platforms
Linux; Mac; Windows