Radiance - Character Design
Radiance :: Lux Prima - Sample Work :: A Beat 'Em Up (brawler) genre video game with a touch of Adventure.
This is a sample of my capability to fully produce a character from 2D concept to full production 3D in-game-ready. I usually start first with some 2D tests to double-check on colors scheme and overall feel of the character in accordance to his/her story/personality/background. Then proceed to blocking in Blender, and quick color/material visualization taking advantage of Blender Cycles realtime render. Usually then cut UVs in Blender or if bit of complexity double check them later in ZBrush. Then I do custom detail/sculpt in ZBrush and revise. I constantly export and import in Unity game engine to make sure I get best accuracy as possible. I do in separate parts UV sets if the character is a modern production quality PC like this one for example. I did all separate parts for the sake of high fidelity. I got all the screenshots of my progress for all parts, but just didn't post to keep the sample short. However if you need to see as additional proof of work/abilities just let me know and I could send them your way or post them in here if needed be. Thanks for taking the time to check on my work.
Jose Luis Torres Reyes
Game Developer (Unity Certified) - Artist