Racing Royale
Published 2 years ago
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iOS; Android
A nitro fueled drag racing game in which you can discover dozens of collectible cards and dream cars.
Racing Royale is (or more like was, currently it's in a non fully playable state due to partly abandonment of the team) a mobile drag racing game with the main additional feature being the use of collectible cards that act as active and passive powerups. The game has both a single and a multiplayer mode and was released on iOS and Android.
I was hired for the programming of the whole project, as well as some of the work of "putting the game together". The whole process took around 14 months to complete the game for the initial release. While the soft launch in Canada was considered to be successful, the global launch left much to be desired, so that the revenue goals were not reached so that profit could not be made. There is still a chance for a later future update, but at the moment development is paused.
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iOS; Android