Racing Battlegrounds
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Racing Battlegrounds its a project I made alone on my free times. I’m happy to complete a good work!
Making this project was a big challenge, since my biggest issue was the art and time availability. I had the technical & design knowledge but the art was a mistery. I had some skills with photoshop and blender (that i had to improve), however taking the time to improve and make 2D/3D assets could have extended the project time a lot. Unity asset store helped me and saved me a lot of time. You can tell that the game has not a consistent art style because of that, but in the end with the right choises, the game looks good. I've made the game in my free times, because i had full-time job in other game studio, so i was almost all day working.. but being games it was not big issue!
Making the game alone also takes a big responsability on the decisions you take, since there was no 3rd opinions, i had to be focused on mantaining cohesiveness and a playable and fun experience.

Racing Battlegrounds its a racing game made for Mobile (Android.. in a future iOS & Amazon). Its focused on grabbing power-ups to use against opponents (AI atm) to get first in finish line.
You may find quick races for casual fun, and tournaments which are the way to progress into the game.
You will also be able to share your ranking globally and/or with your Facebook friends.

Hope you like it! And if it goes well, i would be happy to keep improving it, like multiplayer, level variants and also more projects, hopefully with a small team next time!

Nicolas Lorusso
Senior Game Developer - Programmer
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English; English, British; Spanish
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Level Designer
fancy cars with gadgests - thats james bond. Check out Rares 007, or theses movies
Nicolas Lorusso
2 years ago
Senior Game Developer
Yeah one of the projects that inspired this game was Mario Kart.. the gameplay is similar in some ways (beyond the big differences on art style lol..). The icon is something that i should keep working, so i will be measuring results with many tests. Any particular idea?
Level Designer
Looks like a great recipe for a good mp game. Mario Cart paved the way. Or was it micro machines? Whats lacking perhaps is a strong icon or theme .. such as james bond