Racey Cars [ALPHA] (Android)
Racey Cars, a physics based Endless Driving game, Drive through a highway avoiding obstacles and random bad drivers! So far you can only collect coins and unlock cars and different biomes, through the updates more content will be added… Features: * Physics Based Car Racing * Low IQ Traffic AI (Purpose for random accidents to increase organic obstacles) * Randomly Generated Scenery * Random Obstacles like Bus stops and Road bumps. * 15 Unlockable cars (More to Come) * Leaderboards and Achievements To-Do: * Add Different Biomes based on chosen Car, currently biomes are City Highway, City Highway (Winter) and Beach. * Add more vehicle types, SUVs, Motorbikes … * Random occurring missions: Example (Chase a Cash Transport Van similar to (Brinks) to increase amount of coins) * “I am open for suggestions” ----------------------------- Tools used for Development: Unity3D: Playmaker Graphics: Qubicle Voxel Editor Audio: Protools Audicity ----------------------------- Game is currently in open ALPHA stage, you are welcome to try out the game as the link to via Google Play.
Naser Abuhamdan
Developer - Owner
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