Raccoo Venture
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Raccoo Venture is a 3D platform adventure that brings a playful atmosphere, inspired by the golden classics games from 90's.

Discover your true destiny through a journey full of magic and secrets. Save Verta's Harmony and prevent chaos from returning to the land. But be careful! Many puzzles and enemies will cross your path.

Raccoo Venture is a game to enjoy with your friends and the whole family.
Everything is Balance!
In the beginning, the world was made of chaos. Creatures born from nature's disturb dominated the whole land of Verta and fed of disorder.
Then came the Guardians, who united their powers and created a sacred relic, so powerful that it was able to contain the unpredictable forces of chaos, bringing balance to the world. The creatures were contained, Verta became fertile and all animals could live in harmony.
This relic was made by equal fractions of goodness and wickedness, and to not fall into the evil hands, the Guardians divided it into small pieces and hid it in the middle of the forest. From this day on we have never heard about the Guardians again and they have become a legend.
Years later, creatures known as Tattooed Tatus have found the relic and the balance of the world now is in great danger.
Only the sole heir from the power of the Guardians is able to prevent that from happening.
Diego Ras
Indie Game Developer - Designer
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English; Portuguese, Brazil
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