Quiz Game Show
Project developed to practice using SOLID concepts and resources such as Webservice, ScriptableObject, JsonUtility, etc. The game has 453 questions and 1812 answers divided into 4 categories (Games, Movies, Music and General Knowledge). The questions are listed in 3 levels of difficulty. The progress of the player is monitoring, causing the level to increase or decrease, which will impact the time available to answer the questions. The data is stored in remote database and local json. When game content is changed by the backend panel, the game automatically updates local files the next time a category is chosen. The game is integrated with a backend panel that allows you to view the current questions, change them, register new ones or change their status. You can also see a list of the latest Highscores. In game, the player can share his final score (even if it is not a highscore) via facebook and twitter.
Alexandre Chacon
Senior Unity - Programmer