Quiz: All about everything!
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Free quiz that allows you to learn a lot about the world!
Quiz: All about everything! - this is a free exciting intellectual game that allows you to learn a lot about the world and improve your IQ.
No in-app purchases! GooglePlay:
To your taste the game has a wide variety of topics:
- Geography - here you can test yourself on the knowledge of countries, capitals, flags, continents, volcanoes, mountains, lakes and other things.
- IT - if you know all about computers and technology, then you here.
- Amazing nearby - find out the most-the most on the planet: the biggest, the longest, the most unusual, the smallest and other amazing facts.
- Biology - test yourself on the knowledge of biology from cells to animals and humans.
- Space - all about the planets, their satellites, galaxies and the conquest of space!
- Chemistry - is a topic for those who know chemical formulas not only of water and alcohol, but also understand the structure of elements)
- Mathematics - answer questions on mathematical formulas, famous scientists-mathematicians and various definitions.
- History - do you like to study dates and key events in the world history? Do you know who Alexander the great, Napoleon and Kutuzov are? Then you here!
For you, there are Achievements and a Leaderboard Knowledge.
Choose your favorite theme and test yourself in different quiz modes! You can choose from one to four topics of questions or all at once!
The game has several modes:
1. Game on time (Classic, until the last)
2. Free play (Classic, to the last)
3. Try your luck
4. Survival
5. Survival for a while
With each update we will add questions on existing topics and create new topics!
Soon we will add themes:
- Phisic
A link to Google Play is attached.) Try on health!
Remember to log into your account Google Play, otherwise it will not work achievements and Leaderboards! In the profile settings, turn on auto login, if anything!
Game Languages
English, British; Russian
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We have a big update! Added subject - Chemistry!
Yesterday and today released a few updates that improve the game at the time (added visual time bar) and corrected even minor bugs.