Quantum Robt
Updated 2 years ago
In development
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Linux; Mac; Windows
The game is a first person shooter where you fight various NPC in an enclosed environment.
​The game so far
​​There are currently 3 levels. The first level is in a small arena where you must fight to survive against a relentless torrent of enemies. This level was created as a tech demo, it is very simplistic and will probably not be improved in its current form.
The second level is set in a slime infested warehouse with many shelves and boxes. The objective is to wipe out the slimes before they destroy too much of the warehouse. These slimes will hunt down the player, collect slime balls to grow stronger or attack the shelves and boxes if they can not find the player. Slimes will spawn new slimes when they are strong enough. There are also spiked balls throughout the warehouse that, once active, will charge at the player - damaging anything in their path. Once all the slimes are defeated the level is over.
The third level is set on a spaceship that is under attack by slimes. In this level you have to beat all the slimes before they destroy too many crates. The design of this level is more complex than the other 2, it is made up of a few rooms with a passageway connecting them. This level is currently unfinished and the plan is it add a 2nd floor and more rooms with many connections between the rooms.
The Enemies AI that priorities different actions
  • attacking the player
  • collecting power ups
  • attacking the environment
The slimes can pick up slime blobs than gains them health. These blobs are dropped when slimes die or when they destroy the crates. Their speed and size scale with their health, slimes at high health will be large and slow while slimes at low health will be small and quick.
Software developer - Programmer
Game Languages
English, British; English
Supported Platforms
Linux; Mac; Windows