Quadruped Animation
I had to make an essai as final project for my third year at Supinfogame. I decided to work on quadruped animations and integration in the game engine. I focused on a simple behavior (idle walk and run) but with high quality animations and fidelity in game. The goals were : - Motion matching the animations - No foot sliding - Character always grounded - Minimum number of animations - Maximum animation fidelity - Minimum performance impact I created 10 animations for all the motion. I used blend trees to generate the missing animations. Root motion allowed me to be sure that the velocity of my character matches the animation speed. I decided to use Final IK as IK solution in Unity. IK set the foot in place when it's on the ground to avoid foot sliding. It also grounds the character. And finally it also controls the head and neck so the character looks at the mouse position. If you want more informations, feel free to contact me :)
Tim Guthmann
3D Animator