Qbots - Build, Battle, Share, Explore
BUILD - Qbots are a race of robots who have been driven from their solar system by the alien Haxos and their Malbot servants. A small band of Qbots escaped the invasion through an orbital warp gate, which they destroyed once they passed through. But not in time to prevent some of their enemies from following. Now they are stranded on a long-abandoned colony world. In order to survive, players will need to build an outpost for protection, find energy, and create automated defenses.
BATTLE - Malevolent Malbots prowl the planet, searching for Qbots to destroy or infect with a virus that turns them into Malbots. Use your standard weapons to fight Chompers (small swarming Malbots), Syphlings (designed to siphon your energy stores), Malbot Primes (the primary battle Malbot), and Goliaths (massive, heavily armored destruction machines). As you accumulate energy and points you can use your Qbot’s built-in Fabricator to create more advanced weapons.
SHARE - Explore the colony world with your friends in multiplayer mode. Search together for the mysterious Engineers’ Frequency, bits of encrypted code scattered across the planet, hidden in hard to find–and dangerous–places. The Engineers are the legendary creators of the Qbots, and their Frequency is said to unlock one of the greatest mysteries in the Qbot universe–who the Engineers were, and why they made the Qbots in the distant past.
EXPLORE - Find functioning warp gates to help you explore the planet, but be careful–every so often they malfunction and transport you to the megacity of Lithea, which was destroyed in the Great Collapse between factions of Qbots that ended their planetary civilization. new and exotic energy weapons were brought to bear on Lithea, but instead of destroying it, the city was blasted into an alternate dimension where massive monsters roam the landscape. If you find yourself there you will have to work hard to stay alive and escape to prime dimension.
David Forbes
Principal - Owner