qAI: A node based editor for AI Behaviors
I made this tool as part of my learning process of AI methods such as Behavior Trees, I had recently seen an awesome github repository for a unity package that allows you to create node based editors and I want it to give it a go. I am very happy at how this plugin works. I encourage anyone to give it a try if you ever wanted to create a node based unity editor tool. You can get it at:
As you can appreciate in the Demo 1 video, this tool allows to crate AI behaviors for your games with Behavior Trees and create them as sub-modules that can be used in other Behavior Trees. The tool also allows to create finite state machines and mix the two type of graphs together via sub-nodes.
The logic of each AI graph is saved in ScriptableObject assets which allows you to reuse them as you see fit. With this in mind I went on to create dynamic AI behaviors which could be change on mid gameplay in order to react to new environment or even to new skills. You can see this on the Demo 2 video.
The current version only contains logic for FSM and Behavior Trees, but it is easy to extend to support other types of AI methods. I will be looking forward to using this on my future games if possible.
José Luis Rey Méndez
Game Programmer & Designer - Programmer