PX4 Storm - Pistol
Game ready mesh and textures for the Px4 Storm Pistol with Silencer and flashlight / laser combo This is Px4 Storm model with PBR maps. • FBX files • OBJ files • Polycount: o Pistol : 3962 tris o Magazine : 104 tris o Laser/Flashlight : 2002 tris o Silencer : 332 tris o Bullet : 118 tris • 5 maps for all the assets : ambient occlusion, base color, metallic, normal, roughness. High resolution textures exported out of Substance Painter as well as "default". • Pistol, Magazine and bullet are in one texture map • Silencer and flashlight / laser combo in one texture map + Opacity mask for the Flash light glass o 3 Texture Variations • Standard Black Version ( Like New) • Marine Desert Version • Snow Camo Version Texture Size: 4k .tga files (PBR workflow with metallic / roughness). Get in touch: In case of questions the best way to get in touch is to write a message through the my Facebook page. I'll get back to you as soon as I can. Facebook page : E-Mail : ArtStation : -> Buy This Model CubeBrush : Gumroad : Unity Store : Coming Soon !
Nikolaos Kaltsogiannis
3D Artist - Artist