Puzzle Maker
Puzzle Maker is packed with features that you can expect from any puzzle game creator.
Make custom designs for joints, or use included joint designs. Each puzzle piece can have random types of joints (refer to screenshots).
Includes four types of puzzles types.
Jigsaw Puzzle in which you can pick a piece and place it in puzzle in right place.
Join those randomly split Jigsaw pieces on screen together.
Memory puzzle functionality, just by providing hidden images in Puzzle Maker will create the whole grid for you.
Sliding Puzzle functionality in which provided puzzle image will be split into a gird and shuffled up.
All puzzles have several Unity events system support such as Puzzle completion etc.
Puzzle Maker makes it easy to recreate itself by simply using a .pm file to load data from a disk, it Includes an editor window from which you can create Puzzle Maker files which will make it easy to download new puzzles for your game .pm files are saved in editor for each type of puzzle.
Muhammad Umair
Business Apps , AR, VR Apps Developer - Programmer