Puzzle Dungeon VR
Published 3 years ago
Android; Other VR
A mobile VR puzzle game set in a dungeon
Another project for the Udacity VR developer nanodegree. The purpose of this project is to design a game from the pre-production stage and carry it through as a finished game. The project had some basic assets which were mainly the building blocks for the dungeon. The rubric for the project asked for a single puzzle which the player can either complete and win the game, or lose, resulting in the game being over.
User testing was also an important part of this project and it helped me adjust the atmosphere of the game as well as gave me good feedback which resulted in a level system where the player has to complete 5-7 consecutive puzzles, each having more orbs flashing or the orbs flashed faster. This made the game feel much more like a game and allowed the players to build on a challenge instead of just playing one level that would just start over if beat.
Nathan Rasmussen
Data Scientist from Seattle, WA - Programmer
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Android; Other VR