Purgatory Fell
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Windows; HTC Vive; Oculus Rift

It is December, 1955. Your daughter has gone missing. Recurrent nightmares have been haunting your sleep, forcing a steady descent into madness. Your dreams bring about a variety of introspective, phobia-induced situations to wrestle with. And, something appears to be calling for you.. Downward...

This is the first chapter (Prelude) .. in a planned episodic story-driven adventure game in which you gradually uncover the mystery of your daughter's disappearance, and the nature of your soul. My goal here has been to invent an artistic style and feel that I have been wanting to experience myself in VR, and also to set the stage for a larger series. (This Prelude may or may not be "Canon" in the official chapters to follow.)

Purgatory Fell uses a Standing-Room, trigger-based locomotion, giving you full control over your changing inertia. This increases the control you have over your movement, which also tends to alleviate potential motion sickness. In this game we have the usual object grab/throw mechanics, and climbing/falling, but also we explore new technologies in effort to evolve the VR artform:

►► Fluid physics that you can push around with your hands, and displaces around your body as you move through it.
►► Volumetric Lighting & Fog rendering (realistic smoke with real volume and density)
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Shade Moon
Game Developer - Programmer
Jenni Nexus
Technical Artist (3D / Unity) Social Media - Designer
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Windows; HTC Vive; Oculus Rift