Public Toilet
Source files are available for Free on Gumroad ( Maya, Marmoset Toolbag, PSD and Fbx files included. Official post on Twitter, SketchFab and complete modeling, texture, render process on YouTube
Complete Art Spotlight
Here the result of a new obsession, like the Teapot Model I always find this bathroom on my way through Montevideo and I say to myself “It looks perfect for a videogame prop” and now the prop is a reality, always fulfill your dreams or model them.
This 5490 tris model started with me taking at least 30 photos in the square while 5 policemen stared at me, so many things could go through their minds that day, I just called myself “Toilet Stalker”.
Really in love with the final render, also let me know if you have any question about the model or the process and I will answer it with pleasure.
Best Wishes smiling_face
- Aender Lara
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Aender Lara
Game Developer, 3D Generalist - Artist