Public Brewing
Public Brewing is an interactive media façade at a local brewpub.The aim of the project was to create an interactive installation that allows people to experience the beer brewing process in an entertaining yet technically correct way. The public interacted with the installation by using a tangible interface, a control desk with buttons, cranks and several gauges. We developed three augmented reality visualizations to investigate the combination of several interaction techniques to provide an expressive and engaging interface to different user groups: 1.) A virtual factory can be explored by looking into the machine, providing entertaining content that is directly linked to the interactions of the machine and main façade. For example, when the user inputs a real coin into the machine to start the brewing process, one can observe a virtual coin rolling into a coin slot, where it is checked by a virtual character. 2.) A virtual expert-avatar explaining and providing technical detail about the brewing process when looking at the control elements on the desk of the machine. 3.) A message-in-a-bottle application provides a takeaway experience, showing virtual messages inside the real beer bottles. The messages consist of well-known idioms of the brewpub, building a bridge to traditional elements of the brewery. In addition, a VR application was developed. This application allowed the user to shrink in size and walk around in the brewing machine among the dwarfs. Besides various appearances in local newspapers and presentations on conferences (e.g. CeBIT 2015, the largest and most internationally represented computer expo), this project was also published in Proceedings of the 4th International Symposium on Pervasive Displays (
Roman Wiche
Software Engineer - Programmer