Pub under Rio
Published 2 years ago
Pub under rio!
In the start I had big plans for this project, but unfortunately I got jobs to do, so I was unable to finish it.
The big idea is a underwater Pub located in Rio de Janeiro (I'm brazilian), and it was awesome in my mind.
I'm no 3d artist or an artist in general. I'm a programmer and whould love to participate, so here I am. Just showing my idea, the execution was a little failure, but I kinda liked what I got done.
The name of the Pub is "Two Whales" (Life is Strange inspiration), and literally there are two whales around the pub, and the game scene vision is of a whale. The pub it is not close from finish, I just worked with unity custom 3d objects and I'm terrible at lighting, so you should not expect to much. By the way I'm just posting the project to show you guys the idea in general.
Another inspiration was Shadow of The Colossus (9th Colossu), the bottom to top camera view inside water:
The next media is about the project: (My pc it is not the best, so prepare for lagging)
I loved this take:

  • Standard Assets;
  • Mixamo Character;
  • Cinemachine;
  • Timeline;
  • PostProcessing;
  • Whale from;
  • Unity volumetric light.
And that is it! If one of you guys wants to make this idea reality I show no problem with that, feel free to do whatever you want with THIS project!
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Vitor Hugo Ferreira Moura
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Mello Blu
2 years ago
looks cool so far man.