Proxy Art Challenge(Memories)
Published a year ago
Final Video


It was 2016, September when I graduated from University with B.Arch. It was the most recent day our family enjoyed. I was sure my future is settled with a good career and I can support my brother and my family. But that confident didn't last long.


2017, August, 14. My brother passed away due to dangue shock syndrome. We were careless because the early test result said it was just normal fever and the medical system in our country sucks. As a result, my brother had lost his life. I could never forget that scene. My brother didn't even get a room when he hospitalized because of many patients. He had to stayed in the ward corridor. I hated myself for being careless and the hospital for not treating my brother with care. This scene will be the scar for me and my family forever.


We need a peace of mind. Our hearts were scarred with sorrow. If this goes on we might just lose the will to live. April 2018. Me and my father entered the monastery as monks for temporary. My mother also went to the meditation center too. During that time we meditate a lot to calm our mind. Then I read Lord Buddha's stories at the monastery and learned that his life was worse then me. He had to suffer billions of life cycles to become Enlightened. What I have experienced was just a tiny fraction of his life and I'm sure there are people worse then us out there too. So I decide to keep moving forward. Me and my brother played games together when he was alive. He and I loved to play games. So I started learning the unity so that I can create my own imagination.
(Sorry if I included my religion but it was part of my memory and it made me start to learn unity seriously so I couldn't take that part out and sorry if the text is long :)
There were several concepts I thoughts but never used due to limitations of memories and my skills. Also some are more like dreams so I didn't include it in final.
Since I entered the contest late, I didn't have much time to draw concepts.

Creation Process

I'm just a beginner level in unity and not really from game industry field. So there may be better ways then my process.

Content Creation

I mainly use blender for modelling, texture painting and even video editing. I don't have substance painter nor can't afford 3Ds Max. I also really like blender because of how easy it can be learn.
After finishing models, I imported the environments models.
I upload my charcters to for auto animating since I still can't animate nor rig properly. The bones I use are just basic.
After all that I use post processing stack in unity and setup the scenes.
I wanted to achieve the dark and sadness of the scene so I desaturated a lot and adjust exposure with post processing stack.
In the scene peace, I fake volumetric light with a simple texture scrolling script and change the material to additive soft particles. I tried to use other method like aura free volumetric lighting asset but it has huge impact on my laptop since it is under powered.
I'm just a beginner so I had to watch a lot of tutorials before I do this. I will put the links at the end of this articles
After everything, I used unity record to export the video and edit it in the blender.


I wanted to try the new shader graph feature in unity 2018 but I didn't have time to learn. Maybe after this contest.
Tutorial Links - BRACKEYS - Cherylynn Lima (For Low Poly characters)
Unity Official tutorials. - Blender Guru - Mikeycal Meyers (Video Editing)
Song Used - Cute (
Crying Sounds -


I learned a lot during this contest so it was really fun and will probably decide to participate in next contest too. I also saw other people works and they're beautiful memories. So good luck to you all.
Thank you for reading this long article and forgive me if I made mistake. :)
Zin Aung Shine
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