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Proxi Challenge
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First memory is music based. It’s a reminder of the first gig I went to. Being a big fan of music, seeing something played live for the first time was amazing. The strobe lights and thumping bass. I’d never felt anything like it. I wanted to convey a sense of the music being front and centre, hence just the speakers pumping.
Second memory is getting my driver’s license. It was such an exciting time for my young self. The sense of adventure and independence for the first time. I went everywhere in that little car.
The final memory is my second date with my partner. We sat together under a tree and listened to music together. Easily the best date I've ever been on. My partner seems to agree, as we're still together after many years.
Like everything I do, it starts with a sketch. I went through various ideas and memories before settling on the final three. I wanted to keep it fun, so picked three memories that I look back on with great fondness.
After that it was a case of blocking out the scenes, adding temp lighting and getting together a plan.
I used Blender to model everything, Substance Painter and Photoshop for the textures.
Final steps were to add effects. After placing Cinemachine cameras, I colour grading each scene.
Tools Used:
Substance Painter
Dan Hunter
Artist - Artist
Sean Smith
2 years ago
Just graduated
Music worked great with scenes. Great use of particles and color.