Proxi Challenege - Memories WIP
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Work-in-Progress entry for the #Unity #ProxiArtChallenge
Mem#1 Log:
This memory is of the first time I ever climbed a tree, which is something I did as a kid probably more than was healthy. I was only four when I reached the top of the pine tree in our back yard.
My mom was not happy.
I feel like this memory is important to me as a reminder to never stop grasping and growing even as an adult.
Mem#2 Log:
Tonight I completed the basic modeling for the second memory: Loss. It's the memory of a night when a baby chick I'd been caring for died in my hands of illness. I'll never forget the way it's little legs stretched out as it's body went still. I wasn't even sure when it had happened, but it had died.
I buried it that night beside the river.

Mem#3 Log:
My third memory is of moving in with my fiance. :)
More to come on this one...

Hello! My name is Rebecca Kremer and this is where I'll be posting my progress on the Proxi Art Challenge.
I find the concept of this challenge interesting because I've always found memories fascinating. The way we reconstruct our lives not truly based on detailed events, but on our impression of those events. Our feelings.
Moreover, the way those feelings color the events and even memories that are associated with them. For example, recently my boyfriend and I were forced to leave our home because of an apartment fire, which was a huge bummer. However, he surprised me by proposing to me as soon as the crisis had passed. Now I can't help but look back on that disaster with fondness.
I want to capture this feeling of interconnected memories spilling into each other.

Good luck everyone!
-R Kremer

Rebecca Kremer
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Cori Myers
3 days ago
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These are beautiful! Captivating and haunting!
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красиво)0особено елки в шариках
Farrukh Abdur
10 days ago
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Great updates :)
Zenas Bellace
12 days ago
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Very cool! Though the vibe is different, these remind me of the "bubble ship" from the movie The Fountain. :D
Cindee Madison
13 days ago
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I love the tree memory, evocative....enjoying watching your progress!