Proxi Art Challenge - Sem Cloosterman
Updated 7 days ago
My 3 memories.
Here are the first ideas and sketches for my Proxi Art Challenge! The idea I have is to recreate the memories in 2 ways; as it actually happened, and how I remember the feelings I had then. The things depicted on the floating island are going to be the things of hoe they actually were, and everything around is going to be a visualisation of the feelings, being all a little hyperbole of course. I intend to really magnify how I felt during the moments of the 3 memories, partly because I think it will create interesting visuals, and partly because it's a pleasant feeling for myself to really think back to those moments.
Here are the first couple quick 3D sketches for the objects I will be using in the scenes. Some already have at least a material, but I plan on adding textures to most of them. I want to incorporate light and color appropriately in the scenes. By exaggerating what I remember from that moment, I want to give a stronger visualisation of the feelings I have with the memories. No Loose Ends was the name of my band, by the way! More 3D sketches coming soon, and I hope to get started building a scene in Unity very soon. Good luck to everyone, see you soon!!!

Sem Cloosterman
Student Multimedia Design - Student
Farrukh Abdur
10 days ago
3d Artist / Game Designer - Artist
Interesting concepts. I suggest you start working on these now :) Good luck.