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My 3 memories.

Here are the first ideas and sketches for my Proxi Art Challenge! The idea I have is to recreate the memories in 2 ways; as it actually happened, and how I remember the feelings I had then. The things depicted on the floating island are going to be the things of how they actually were, and everything around is going to be a all a little hyperbole of course. I intend to really magnify how I felt during the moments of the 3 memories, partly because I think it will create interesting visuals, and partly because it's a pleasant feeling for myself to really think back to those moments.
Here are the first couple quick 3D sketches for the objects I will be using in the scenes. Some already have at least a material, but I plan on adding textures to most of them. I want to incorporate light and color appropriately in the scenes. By exaggerating what I remember from that moment, I want to give a stronger visualization of the feelings I have with the memories. No Loose Ends was the name of my band, by the way!
Here are the final 3 scenes in Unity!

Scene 1: Performing with my band

It's been one of my dreams since I got a guitar for my 14th birthday to one day perform for a huge crowd with my own songs. Once I joined my band No Loose Ends at age 16 I was sure that dream would come true one day. It took years of hard work, and after 5 years of dedication we decided to call it quits due to other obligations like school and work, and pursuing other interests. However, we performed all over the country and met amazing people together. Releasing an album, shooting a video clip and playing that final show with each other were all amazing memories I will never forget.

Scene 2: Road trips to Disneyland

Almost every year me and my family went to Disneyland Paris. I loved Disney growing, and my dad especially looked up to the man behind the company. The first movie I remember seeing is The Jungle Book. On my 18th birthday I even decided to have a Mickey mouse silhouette tattooed on my arm. Disney is something that will always be there in my life, and always has been there. Those road trips were my favorite thing each year. Having fun with my sister, playing my Game Boy and listening to music are memories I will always cherish.

Scene 3: Playing games in my bedroom

Ever since I got a Philips CDi gaming console at age 5 I was infatuated with games. I loved the interactivity and how games could look so different from one another. I got my Playstation 2, my absolute favorite console, at age 7 or 8. When I was first allowed to have a television in my room, and to have the Playstation moved from the living room to my bedroom was a dream come true. I remember countless nights getting lost in all these worlds other people made for me to experience. From Kingdom Hearts to Ratchet and Clank, I fondly remember playing every single game I (still) own. The world around me didn't exist while playing games. It was me and the game, for hours and hours and hours and hours on end.

My process

Software I used: - Unity 2017 (with add-ons from Asset Store: 'Post Processing Stack', 'Recorder', 'Camera Path Creator' by ICCH_HOWW) - Blender - Adobe Photoshop - Adobe Premiere - Reaper (for background music)
I started off modeling all my assets I needed. I listed out what I needed and started working in Blender, without sketching them out first. It's a crucial part I missed, but seeing as I joined the challenge with 30 days left, it was a necessity to just get to work as fast as possible. I textured the model I have with a baked material made in Blender, with a combination of lighting and normal maps (generated with Photoshop). Then I used the node editor to export the fully rendered texture onto the UV unwrapped model. I then imported the model into Unity, and placed the textures onto the model. From there, I placed some simple lighting and finished off the textures with a simple height map in Unity, and the rest of the effects are made using the Post Processing Stack add-on.


In the final video, all the music I made is mine. I made the tracks to add onto the atmosphere I tried to create with the scene. All music was recorded with guitar, bass, Superior Drummer 2.0 and free VST's in Reaper.
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Interesting concepts. I suggest you start working on these now :) Good luck.