Proxi Art Challenge. Memories
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Memories. #Unity #ProxiArtChallenge
Final video
  • NY in NY
The third scene will be about New Year in New York city, it was 2010. For this scene i used Maya and Marvelous designer a little bit to create a nice fabric cloth for furniture

  • In the Mountains

The second scene is about hiking in the Pyrenees mountains, which is placed along the French - Spanish border, it was a few years ago. For this scene a prepared multiply assets of nature environment such as a trees, rocks and foliage.

For this assets i used, Maya, Photoshop and Quixel

  • On the ship.
My first scene is about my first time travel on a board of the ship, it was a long time ago, in the Black see. And, i will just try to image what i remember. First what i did is a blockout, then modeling in Maya, after that i will assign materials in a Substance painter, and go in to the Unity

First scene has been adjusted in the Unity 5. Adding lights, glow, water and shadows

Scene with animation
Ilya Zakharovskiy
3D/Concept artist, vehicle designer - Artist
3D/Concept artist, vehicle designer
Thanx :)
Farrukh Abdur
a year ago
3d Artist / Game Designer
nice updates :)
Brandan Lee
a year ago
Indie Developer
This is awesome. I'm attempting to do something similar with scriptable modular assets right now, and I like the way you set up those decks.
Farrukh Abdur
a year ago
3d Artist / Game Designer
Very good. Looks interesting setting :)