I developed Provocateur in Amber Jam with “connected” as theme.
TAK is a creative space for people to work on products for public good. TAK hosts a festival called Amber annually. Each festival promotes different ideas surrounding a topic. The TAK management is very open minded about games. They had been inviting us to host game jams during these festival. I have worked on both hosting and participating in Amber jams. I developed Provocateur in Amber Jam with “connected” as theme. Players take on the role of professional provocateur. Provocateur works in a rapid sequence of elections. An abstract rally full of people determines the result of each election. The provocateur can then use money to spread their candidate’s message. In turn, they gain money by infecting ideologies to the public. But in each election the candidate they represent changes. Furthermore, as public turns into fanatics, it becomes impossible to change their minds. As a result game ends with player losing elections due to growing fanaticism.
Sercan Altun
Game Designer/Programmer - Programmer