Prototyping with Landscape Builder 2
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Using Viking Village free assets
Faced with a blank canvas or an empty project in Unity, sometimes it can be difficult for new comers to get started. Thankfully, Unity provides some great content for free which game designers can use to kickstart their project.
The Viking Village has some great test models and assets which can be used to prototype a game. It is what we used to develop and test our new Groups procedural placement system in Landscape Builder 2. It has a good variety of small props and large object to help you prototype a scene.
Here are the basic steps required to get you started.
  1. Create a new Unity Project
  2. Download Viking Village demo (841 MB)!/content/29140
  3. Import it into the project (this will take some time)
  4. In the Project Pane, expand Prefab folder and select Buildings and Props folders (CTRL click on Windows)
  5. With the mouse over the 2 selected folders, right-click and select "Export Package"
  6. Click "None" to deselect everything
  7. Select the following folders: Animations, Materials, Models, Prefabs, Textures
  8. Click Export
  9. Select a location where you'd like to save the new package (preferably not in the same folder as your existing project)
  10. Give it a name like vikingvillageprops and click save
  11. Create a new project
  12. Import Landscape Builder 2.02 or newer
  13. In the project pane, create a new folder called VikingVillage
  14. Import the vikingvillageprops.unitypackage (Assets\Import Package\Custom Package...)
  15. In the Project pane, select the Animations, Materials, Models, Prefabs, Textures folders (CTRL click on Windows)
  16. Drag the selected folders into the VikingVillage folder
Now you can use the following tutorials to help you prototype your scene with Landscape Builder and quality free assets from Unity.
Once you get a better idea of what you want to do, then you can switch out the free asset with ones you create yourself or purchase from the Asset Store.
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