Prototype (Phase 1)
Published 2 years ago
A one-to-one performance incorporating 360 and live action
Focusing on communication and connectivity, Prototype (Phase 1) probes simulated realities, virtual representations, and primal instincts through the medium of digital performance. The performance is a short, one-on-one experience that uses a virtual reality headset, 360 degree video, autoteatro and physical interaction to explore the mediatization of identity. To develop the work, we’ve gone on secret missions, written some words, sat in a tunnel, hung out in various museums, taken photos, taken videos, made recordings, learnt how to play a video game for the first time (well, one learnt under the tutelage of the other) and found a cyborg. We also drank a lot of beer, we would have done that anyway but this time it was in pursuit of art.

What are people saying?

“The piece is all the things theatre/performance art ‘should’ be – it has heart and fire and fear and realness and is so bloody relevant.”
– Jennifer Bates, Artistic Director of The Deaf & Hearing Ensemble

“I found myself caught comfortably between peeping and peering, between the keyhole and the looking-glass. And bothered, between the glowy bleeding colourfulness of digital darkness and the lensed luminescence of stage-lamps. Under those lights, busy as I was, I had time to consider the noise between pixels, their pitted throw, and the leakiness of bodies.”
– Dr. Joel Anderson, Brunel’s Centre for Contemporary and Digital Performance

Propinquity Festival- Moor Theatre Delicatessen, Sheffield; Emergency Festival- Z arts, Manchester; Modern Panic VI- Apiary Studios, London; Coney presents A Scratch Night of Play- Camden People's Theatre, London; WROUGHT Festival- The Hide, Sheffield; Illuminate Festival- UCLAN, Preston; We Are Now Festival- The Round House, London; The Art Lab- Bar Rouge, Winchester; Cerebellum- Electro Studios, Hastings; Festival Ciudad Jardin- Alt Emporda, Spain;
Rob Morgan
Digital Performance Maker - Artist