Prototype: Murakami
A Killer7 inspired action game where the character only moves on-rails. Combat is done through over-the-shoulder camera, and puzzles are solved in a point & click fashion. Controls: * Hold Space to move forward. * Press Shift to turn around. * When approaching a fork in the road or a puzzle, use the mouse to select a path, and left-click to commit to it. * Puzzles are point & click affair, i.e. hover the cursor over interact-able objects for their description, and click & hold them to drag them around. * To open the inventory in the puzzle portion, simply hover the cursor over the "Inventory" tab at the bottom of the screen. You can do this while dragging objects to drop them into a slot. * Use right-click, ctrl, or alt to look around. If you have a pistol in your inventory, this will also make you aim your gun. * Left-click while aiming with a pistol to fire your gun. * Tab to reload the gun. * Every enemy has a weak-spot indicated by a yellow glowey-thing. Successfully hitting the weakspot instantly kills the enemy, regardless of health. Work-in-progress here:
Taro Omiya
Experimental Game Developer - Programmer