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A fighting game prototype using TrueSync, a part of Photon by Exit Games
You can read my first devlog about this game here: .
The following is what is listed on the page:
First playable version of this networked fighting game prototype.
Goal is to just have some people play online, see if the online multiplayer functionality works, etc. This game uses TrueSync, a rollback netcode solution that uses Photon by Exit Games.
There are two playable characters, Protolightning & Protoaqua.
There are 5 basic buttons: Light Punch, Light Kick, Heavy Punch, Heavy Kick, and Smash.
Basic Attacks can be chained together.
For example, Light Punch -> Light Kick -> Heavy Punch -> Heavy Kick -> Smash.
Throws are performed by holding left or right adn pressing Smash; they can be broken out of by pressing Smash within the first few frames of being thrown.
Special Attacks can be performed usually through forward + punch or forward + kick.
Special Attacks can be chained from basic attacks; however, not during a Basic Attack Chain.
Secondary Special Attacks are performed by inputting a different direction during start up of a special attack.
Super Attacks are performed by pressing Smash during some special moves. They cost 1 meter of super energy.
Dash Cancels are performed by dashing while attacking. They can be performed up, down (while in the air), left, or right and cost 1/2 meter of super energy.
Future Features:
Challenge Combos
Arcade / AI
New Characters
Selectable Stages
Command Lists
TONS MORE -- This is an early, early prototype and not even close to a finished product.
Thanks for playing!
Feel free to email with feedback.
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