Protect the Piggy
Published 2 years ago
In the mists of a zombie apocalypse, a farmer has one mission: to protect his last piggy and kill anything that comes close. Using assorted knives and guns, defend your piggy from the incoming zombies. During the night, crates are dropped from the sky to help you. These crates are filled with ammo that are used in your gun. Kill zombies to collect coins and bills and upgrade your gear to prepare for the incoming enemies. Collect health crates to give you more hearts and keep you going. Unlock costumes to dress up you and your piggy. Upgrade your stats and survive longer and longer during the night ahead.

Spend your coins and bills on diverse knives and guns. As you get better and more expensive weapons, some will come with helpful abilities that allow to slay more powerful zombies.

Every few months test your skills in the Events. An Event is a limited time game mode that lets you win free knives and guns. Use the Event knife, gun, and costume to earn points. These points are then used to win free prizes like the Event equipment. Every few months an event is taken down and a new one replaces it.

The zombies are coming for your piggy and you must stop them at all costs!
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English, British
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